Some Tips Before You Seed Your Lawn This Fall

Could your lawn look a little greener? Seed your lawn and landscaping this fall and enhance the overall look of your property in the coming spring. If your fall is busy, contact a local lawn maintenance company to come and seed your lawn to improve your curb appeal this season. 

Some tips for seeding your lawn this fall are:

  • Spread lawn seed in early-fall so that the warm soil can help the lawn germinate quicker while becoming hardy during the cool weather ahead.
  • Since there is more environmental precipitation and moisture in the fall season, your lawn will require less water from you.
  • After spreading the lawn seed, use a rake to sweep and redistribute the seed evenly over your property. Use a light hand and short strokes to prevent uneven growth or unsightly patches.
  • Water frequently after seeding, but sparingly to ensure you don't push off the lawn seed with the water.
  • Skip the pesticides or lawn chemicals until you have mowed your new grass a few times.
  • Make sure that your lawn seed is kept moist until you are ready to spread and germinate.
  • Don't waste time and effort using poor-quality or questionable lawn seed; use high-quality seed for best results.

There are lots of compelling reasons to seed in the fall, but what about over-seeding? Over-seeding is when you add grass seed into your existing grass or turf, without removing or tilling the surface or soil below. Over-seeding has many benefits for your lawn; talk to your landscaper about this option.

Some reasons to over-seed your lawn include:

  • Over-seeding in the fall helps to create a greener lawn come spring.
  • Over-seeding allows you to mix-up the varieties of grass in your lawn, making it look thicker, greener, and better.
  • Over-seeding allows you to nurture and fill-in any patches that are damaged, burnt, or thin due to weather or environmental issues.
  • Over-seeding thickens thin lawns and increases the density of your coverage.
  • Don't over-seed your lawn during high-winds however, as the seed can spread and be blown away. Try to plant during low-wind so that seeds have a chance to germinate.
  • Improving your lawn increases its ability to ward off disease and combat insects or pests.

Give your lawn some love this fall and consider over-seeding. Ensure a better-looking lawn this fall, while enhancing the appearance of your spring landscape, as well. Over-seeding isn't complicated or expensive; talk with your landscape professional about enhancing your current turf or lawn this fall.

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