Tips For Caring For Your Property's Irrigation System

If you fail to regularly water your property, you may find that your plants will start to suffer serious health problems or appear thin and sicky. Drip irrigation systems can be a highly effective solution for anyone that is wanting to reduce the amount of work that they must do to keep their property maintained, but they may not be mindful of a few key points as they review making this upgrade to their property.

Consider An Automatic Drip Irrigation System

When you first start to look for irrigation systems for your property, you will need to decide between choosing either a manual or automatic system. Automatic irrigation systems will have a primary control panel that will allow you to configure the times and length of waterings. Choosing an automatic irrigation system will always be more expensive than a manual option, but these systems can save you from having to be present when your property is watered. As a result, these systems can be particularly useful to those that will frequently travel.

Appreciate That Drip Irrigation Systems Will Need To Run Longer

Drip irrigation systems can provide you with the important benefit of being far more efficient with water. The drawback to this benefit is that a drip irrigation system will need to run for much longer than a traditional sprinkler system. Unfortunately, many people may have difficulty with anticipating the amount of time that they will need to run these systems. By manually controlling the system for at least the first several waterings, you will be able to get a much better understanding of the way that these systems will distribute water, and this can be extremely useful information when you are programming your automatic irrigation system.  

Protect The System Against Damage During The Winter

Any type of irrigation system will need to be adequately protected against the harsh winter weather conditions, and a drip irrigation system is no different in this regard. To prepare your system for freezing weather, you must thoroughly drain the system. Failing to remove all of the water from the irrigation tubing can lead to the pipes and tubes rupturing from water expanding as it turns to ice. In addition to draining the system, it may also be necessary to cover parts of the system that are above ground. This will help to prevent insects and other pests from entering these pipes and tubes through the small holes where water drips out.

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