Four Ways That Mulch Will Benefit Your Plants

Mulch can be a useful material to spread around the base of your plants. Yet, there are many people that are unaware of the numerous and important benefits that a layer of mulch can provide to plants.

Minimize Weed Growth

Weeds are a constant problem that homeowners will have to regularly battle. Failing to remove the weeds from around your plants can cause them to compete directly with your plants for vital nutrients, root space and sunlight. While it may not seem like mulch will prevent weeds, it can be very effective at minimizing the ability of the weeds to germinate. However, this benefit will only be enjoyed if there is at least a couple of inches of mulch.

Improve Water Efficiency

Watering your plants can be essential for keeping them alive during droughts or periods between rain. Unfortunately, much of the water that you apply to your plants will quickly evaporate. As a result, you may waste a substantial amount of water that could lead to a higher water bill and increase the stress your landscaping puts on the environment. Mulch will help to reduce this problem by trapping water near the roots of your plants.

Reduce Erosion

Erosion is another issue that can create major problems for your plans. When erosion problems start to develop near the base of your plants, it can lead to the roots being exposed. In addition to preventing the roots from performing their duty, this can also lead to the roots dying as a result of being exposed to the elements. Mulch will reduce the rate of erosion by greatly slowing the speed of the water flowing over the soil. If you are placing the mulch in an area that experiences brisk runoff, you may need to regularly supplement the amount of mulch as some of it will wash away.

Provide Nutrients

As the mulch ages, it will gradually start to break down and decompose. While this forces you to supplement the nutrients, it will provide you with the benefit of gradually replenishing the nutrients that are in the soil around your plants. This can help you to reduce the amount of fertilizer that you will need to add to the soil. Interestingly, different types of mulch will provide different nutrients to the soil, and you may want to research the particular needs of your plants before choosing a type of mulch for your property. This will allow you to choose a mulch that will provide the most nutrients to your plants.

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