Four Tips For A Successful Year-Round Landscaping Plan

While having a lush, beautiful yard in the springtime can be nice, if you cannot easily maintain a great looking yard year-round, you might become frustrated with your space. Landscapers can have great ideas when it comes to incorporating looks and items into your yard that can flourish year-round and keep this looking nice. Here are four tips to keep your yard's landscaping plan looking great during throughout all of the seasons:

1. Incorporating Potted Plants

If you have a larger space, you might think it is beneficial to have all of your plants in the ground or in larger planter boxes. It might actually be a better idea to diversify your space and have more delicate plants or flowers in smaller, movable pots. This can be a great help if there are certain flowers you love that won't be able to handle freezing temperatures in the winter or extreme heat in the summer. These can be moved indoors or to the shade to protect your plants when needed, and then put out for display on more temperate days.

2. Bringing in More Decorations

While plants and flowers can bring a yard to life, choice fountains, rocks, and decorations can look nice and won't require as much upkeep as your plants. If you have lots of fences or retaining walls in your yard, you don't need to try to cover these up with plants and vines. If you can decorate these with latticework, stones, or a stained finish, these can complement your yard and can stand on their own as-is.

3. Opting for Larger Plants and Trees

While smaller plants can be great accents in your yard, these can be more susceptible to seasonal patterns and weather changes throughout the year. If you can work with landscape companies that can source larger trees and shrubbery, you can start out your yard with sturdy larger plants that will be more likely to stand the test of time over smaller plants or seedlings.

4. Focusing on Walkways and Paths

While grassy areas can always bring a splash of color to your yard, not all walkways through your space need to be living grass underfoot. The rustic look of pebbles or rich, brown mulch can bring the same feel to your space without taking away from your overall landscape design. Landscapers can help you decide whether pathways made of mulch, bark, or stones might go well with your overall space.

If you are looking into ways to make your yard more sustainable throughout the year, working with landscape designers for tips and tricks can help. While you might have a green thumb and want to have more greenery in your space, a balance can help with overall maintenance. By incorporating other easy to maintain elements in your yard, you can have success in any season when it comes to your landscaping plan's overall look and success.

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