Benefits Of Hydroseeding Your Lawn

Lawn care has become a cottage industry. People compete with each other to have the best-looking and most well-kept lawn in their neighborhoods. If you're thinking of joining the competition and making your lawn the most talked-about lawn, then hydroseeding the lawn is the trending care to use.

What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a mix of mulch and seed known as a slurry. The slurry mixture is transported by a tank that's loaded onto a trailer or truck. The contents inside the tank are later sprayed uniformly over large commercial lawn spaces. All of the nutrients in the tank promote a very quick germination process. The nutrients include fertilizer, green dye and other ingredients. One of the prized benefits from this planting process is that the seed and mulch mixture inhibits soil erosion. You can benefit from using hydroseeding for your lawn care.

Hydroseeding To Include Wildflowers

If you are thinking of having an area of your commercial lawn adorned with wildflowers as well as tree shrubs and even turf grasses, the seeds of your choices will be placed in the tank and sprayed onto the ground surface. Hydroseeding is also reportedly cheaper than sod and turf placement, and saving money benefits you.

Homeowner Hydroseeding

You can purchase a specified version of hydroseeding that comes in the form of bagged mulch for your lawn at home. Seed is already mixed in this mix. In some cases, fertilizer is also added to your homeowner version of bagged hydroseeding contents. What you'll have to do is spread the bagged mixture over the prepared lawn surface while the contents are dry. Use the mulch mat to cover the surface in order to maintain adequate moisture levels. Appropriate moisture levels promote germination. Make sure to keep the treated field lightly damp after the application. The damp ground helps seedlings to break through the surface and maintain sturdy growth.

Seedlings Germinate Fast

Seedlings reportedly germinate very fast. Industry experts contend that germination takes place within 3 to 7 days. You can have a beautiful lawn in one month. Hydroseeding is fast becoming the trendy type of lawn cover that many people want. This trending surface blocks weeds and diseases from taking over your prized lawn due to its fullness. Hydroseeding totally fills gaps on your lawn by virtue of its thickness. Lush and full, your lawn takes on the appearance of smooth carpeting.

Hire Professionals To Perform Your Hydroseeding Needs

You're better off hiring hydroseeding professionals to handle the job. They are highly qualified to assess the quality of your lawn's soil. Professionals determine if the surface is even. Your land's soil may first need a topsoil layer before hydroseeding is applied. All of these factors are important, and they contribute to how successful your hydroseeding lawn will be in the final analysis.

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