Landscaping Blocks - Stopping Soil Corrosion On Steep Hillsides

Soil erosion can be a real problem on properties with steep hillsides. Landscaping and mulching the area is one way to put a stop to the corrosion. But, how do you keep that mulch from washing away with heavy rains? Preventative measures can be taken by installing block walls to keep the mulch where it needs to be.

You will need:


  • Interlocking Landscaping Blocks
  • Wooden Stakes
  • Pencil and Paper
  • Nylon String
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Shovel

Take Some Measurements

Before you do anything, you need to take some measurements of the area. Measure the width and length of the area. These measurements will help you to determine how many rows of blocks you need and assist you with purchasing the correct number of blocks to complete the project.

Draw a sketch of the area. Use the measurements to create a smaller scale image of the area. Start by drawing the diameter and then add the walls that will go across it. Jot down the measurements between each row and head out to get to work.

String Some Lines

Keeping the lines straight as you install the block is crucial to a beautiful look when you're done. Use the stakes and string to mark the placement of the lines.

Use the sketch to give you the measurements needed. As you measure one row to the next, pound the stakes in the ground and run a string from one to the other to give yourself a straight line to work with. Stand at the base of the hill and check your work. If everything looks nice and even, it's time to continue on to the next step. If not, make the necessary adjustments and then continue.

Prep the Area

Use the shovel to dig out some of the soil to create a level surface to place the blocks. Apply a layer of gravel over the area where the blocks will be placed. Tamp the gravel down well. The gravel will help to improve drainage and protect the blocks from sinking over the years.

Install the Blocks

Interlocking landscaping blocks make it easy for any homeowner to install them without having much experience. They lock together just like the blocks that many people played with when they were kids. Just line up the flange with the groove and the blocks will stay in place.

This project will help to keep the mulch from sliding off of the hillside during the worst rains. For more information, contact a business such as W.H. Boyer, Inc.

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