3 Important Reasons Why Your Trees Need Trimming This Fall

Do you own a home with one or more trees growing on it? When was the last time you gave any thought to your trees beyond simply raking up dead leaves when they fall? For many people, trees are simply things that are there. Maybe they get watered from time to time, but the tree continues to exist regardless. But for many tree species, this is not enough. Many trees need to be fertilized and trimmed on a regular basis in order for them to continue to thrive. If you don't know how long it's been since the last time any trees on your property were trimmed or cut by a professional, here are some reasons to do that as soon as possible:

Prevent or remove disease: Unlike humans, trees are unable to easily get rid of an infection. Even if the tree is able to survive a disease or an insect attack, the damaged areas will remain on the tree. In some instances, simply having such a damaged area can invite further damage or disease. Tree cutting is the best and only way to ensure that these areas are removed and that no further harm comes to the tree itself.

Avoid costly damage: A tree that has damaged or diseased parts is more likely to shed limbs, including larger branches, whenever there is a storm. Strong winds or snowfall can cause a branch to break off and come crashing down onto your home, vehicle, or any people below. A tree cutting professional will be able to locate the limbs that are most likely to cause problems and can remove them before any damage occurs. Avoiding potentially costly future damages can make it more than worth the price of having the tree limbs in question removed.

Better growth: Any tree limbs that are dead or dying can block the growth of limbs that are healthier and in better condition. A skilled tree cutting professional is able to tell which limbs are in the way and which ones are most likely to grow more vigorously and provide a better look to your tree. Although the tree might initially look less impressive after a pruning, the resulting growth next spring should be healthier and more vigorous than you've seen in a while. In order to be assured of this growth, make sure to visit your local garden center for a fertilizer that is appropriate to the species of tree or trees that you have in your yard.

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