Designing An Effective Sprinkler System

The health of your home's landscape can significantly impact the overall curb appeal of your home. In order to ensure that your landscape remains healthy and lush, you must provide the flowers, trees, and shrubs with access to water.

Watering your yard by hand can be time consuming, so the installation of an automatic sprinkler system can be beneficial when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your landscape. Here are three tips that you can use to design an effective sprinkler system for your yard in the future.

1. Define the perimeter with stationary sprinkler heads.

The first step in designing an effective sprinkler system is to create a defined perimeter around the edge of your yard. This perimeter is best achieved through the installation of stationary sprinkler heads.

You can use sprinkler heads that only spray water out of half their circular surface to prevent water from being wasted on sidewalks and driveways. A defined perimeter will ensure that the edges of your lawn don't die off due to lack of water over time.

2. Verify the water radius of each rotating sprinkler head.

Once you have established a perimeter with stationary sprinkler heads, you can utilize rotating sprinkler heads to water the large areas of landscape within your perimeter. It's important that you take the time to identify the spray radius of each sprinkler head as you design your watering system.

Ensure that each rotating head's spray will overlap with the sprinkler head next to it so that you can avoid any gaps in your water coverage that could lead to unsightly withering and brown spots in your lawn.

3. Create a zoned delivery system.

As you design a sprinkler system for your yard, it's important to recognize that the many plants within your home's landscape will have varying water needs. To ensure that you are not providing too much water for some plants while starving others, you should create a zoned watering system based on the unique water needs of the plants within your landscape.

A zoned delivery system allows you to control how often each section of your yard is watered, ensuring that you will be able to meet the water needs of each of your plants with ease.

Access to the right sprinkler system will help you keep your home's landscape looking great with minimal effort. Design the perfect sprinkler system by defining a perimeter with stationary sprinkler heads, overlapping the spray of rotating sprinkler heads, and creating a zoned system so that you can customize water delivery in the future. If you need help with this project, contact a professional landscaping company in your area, such as Boehm Landscape Inc.

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