Corporate Sparkle And Joy: Outdoor Business Decorations For The Holidays

Landscaping contractors keep your business's exterior looking tidy, healthy and beautifully green through most of the year. When the holiday season comes, days are short, tree limbs are bare, and there's a chance that a layer of snow coats the ground. Happily, this rather bleak setting is an ideal backdrop for sparkling lights and ornaments that broadcast tidings of comfort, joy and happy holiday spirit.

Many landscaping contract companies offer holiday decorating services during the off-season when their calendar isn't packed with mowing, trimming and other property maintenance tasks. The service may be placed on the schedule when you set up an annual contract, or book the dates for decorating as a separate service to fit your company's own holiday timeline. Based on a design consultation, the decorations and budget are established to create a display that charms customers, passersby and your own staff.

Classic outdoor holiday décor packages may include:

A single, tall tree decorated in all white or colorful lights serves as a dramatic focal point on your property. The tree may already exist in the landscape, or a cut tree may be brought in and secured in place for the holiday season.

Exterior window decorations made of evergreen tree boughs festooned with large ribbons draw attention to retail storefronts. The same approach, but on a smaller scale, works well for professional office buildings.

Shrubbery covered with strands of lights could be all that's needed to bring a subtle, classy touch of cheer to your building's landscape. If there are only a few small bushes and trees on the property, an addition cluster of evergreen trees in large planter pots may be added to the display.

Architectural features such as pillars, entrance canopies, stair banisters and porches are ideal spots for garlands. Simple strands of greenery wrapped or draped on these features may be enhanced with lights, bows and ornaments.

Wreaths made of evergreen branches, grape vines or Christmas ornaments are one of the easiest and most recognizable symbols of holiday spirit. For a small property, a single wreath on the entrance door could be sufficient, but additional wreaths or garlands at each window adds an extra layer of good cheer and visual appeal.

The outdoor decorating service can work with you to develop custom color schemes beyond traditional red, white and green. And you can combine any of the classic décor elements to create a unique display that results in valuable goodwill and brand awareness for your business.  

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