Dying Tree In Your Front Yard? Tips On Removing The Tree And Repairing The Area After It Is Gone

If you have a tree in your front yard that is dying you need to remove it. If it has some type of disease the disease may spread to other trees close to the unhealthy one. Below are some tips on getting the tree out of your yard, as well as what you can do to repair the area once the tree is gone.

Remove the Tree

You should never remove a tree on your own. If you chop a tree down in the wrong way it may fall on a structure, such as your home or a fence. It is also dangerous to cut a tree down on your own.

Instead, contact a tree removal company.  They have the equipment and knowledge to safely cut the tree down. If the tree is very large, they will start out cutting a few branches at a time starting at the crown and moving their way down. When finished, the tree will only have a few branches making it much easier to remove.

How much the tree service will charge you depends on how large the tree is. It also depends on if you want them to remove the wood for you and grind down the stump. They may be able to grind down the branches for you and you can then use them for mulch. This is only true if the tree did not have any type of disease, however.

Repair the Area

When the tree is gone you are left with a hole in your yard if you had the stump removed. First, fill the hole in in with good, quality soil.  You can then plant another tree to replace the one that died. Go to a garden center to look at trees. If you have other trees in your yard planting the same type of tree as the others would work well.

Trees generally comes with the roots wrapped in moist burlap. You will dig a hole a little larger than the root ball and place the tree inside the hole. Put dirt back around the tree until the hole is entirely filled up. You will have to keep the tree watered regularly if you do not get rain. Do this until the tree grows a few inches and then you can let Mother Nature take care of it. Read the planting instructions that came with the tree on the water requirements.

Talk with a tree service company or a landscape contractor, such as Outstanding Landscaping, if you need help choosing and planting a tree.

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