Four Ways Pressure Washing Can Really Make Your Home Look Nice

Besides getting things really clean, residential pressure washing can improve your home's appearance. This is especially helpful if you are either trying to sell the house or just make it very presentable for holiday company. Your professional pressure washing company pays close attention to all of the following to make your home look nice:

Siding or Brick

Siding gets terribly dirty in the course of a year. If homecoming hijinks also leave egg and other substances stuck to the side of your house, then you will want to get that off as well. If your home is a brick house, then you have even more to pressure wash as brick tends to accumulate windswept granules of dirt and debris along with the usual accumulations of vinyl/plastic siding. Washing it all away with a pressure washer restores the color of siding and deep-cleans brick like nothing else can.


No one enjoys washing windows, especially windows located at the second story and above. If you leave these windows unwashed, they cloud over, and your home appears unkempt. It might even harbor some neighborhood complaints via the city, and possibly some fines if you do not keep your home's windows clean. A pressure wash makes this process extremely quick, and hiring a service to do it means you do not have to climb ladders to do it yourself.


Walkways frequently accumulate those obnoxious weeds in the cracks. Try as you might, they are difficult to remove and stop. Blasting them with a pressure washer rips away all of the exposed weeds, and then you can spray down into the cracks with a herbicide that will actually get to the roots of the problems. This creates a nice, clean, and inviting walkway up to your front door.


From fallen leaves in the gutters to moss or algae growing on the shingles, pressure washing can remove it all. In fact, power-washing the leaves out of gutters is often the biggest request by homeowners who do not want to clean the gutters personally. Leaves are flushed and scattered out of the gutters, while sediment in the bottoms of the gutters flows down the downspout and out the end. As for the moss or algae on the shingles, the pressure washer blasts it loose from its frail root system and shoves it off the edge of the roof without having to climb up and pull it all out.

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