Install A Homemade Brick Retaining Wall Next To A Row Of Flowering Plants

If you recently planted a row of flowering plants next to the side of your home and would like to install a homemade retaining wall next to the plants, add a brick wall by completing the steps below:

Supplies And Tools

  • straight edge
  • ground spray paint
  • bricks
  • powdered mortar mix
  • large pail
  • water hose
  • measuring tool
  • rubber-tipped spatula or spoon
  • trowel
  • lint-free cloths

Use Paint To Mark The Property And Blend Powdered Mix And Water

Decide how long you would like the retaining wall to be and use spray paint to mark the corners of the property that the wall will be installed on. Choose how high you would like the wall to be and write down the proposed measurements of the new addition so that you can refer to it when purchasing bricks from a landscaping business. When shopping for bricks, choose ones that are slightly textured or that are a neutral color that will not overpower the colors of the flowering plants.

If you do not own a large vehicle, request that the bricks are delivered to your home. After receiving the bricks, prepare mortar to use as an adhesive by adding powdered mortar mix and water to a large bucket. After blending the ingredients with a rubber-tipped spatula or spoon be ready to start installing the wall so that the mortar doesn't begin hardening. Dig a trench along the marked portion of the ground. The trench needs to be long, wide, and deep enough to hold the base of each brick that will be used to form the bottom row of the retaining wall. 

Add Several Rows Of Bricks

Line the first row of bricks across the bottom of the trench. Use a trowel to apply mortar along the sides of bricks that are being secured. Push against the top of each brick until the base row of bricks is uniform and stable. Use the trowel to continue securing the second row of bricks to the base row. Make sure that the sides of bricks are lined up evenly before pressing mortar-covered surfaces together.

Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the surfaces of bricks that have mortar accidentally spilled on them. After installing each row of bricks, stand several feet away from the retaining wall to ensure that the rows have a neat appearance. Do not touch the wall or place any items on it until you are sure that the mortar has hardened sufficiently. 

Contact a company like Rock Solid Services LLC for more information and assistance. 

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