Three Questions About Stone Pavers Answered

Stone pavers are a popular option for many people to use as they can allow a large area to be paved without having to use unsightly concrete or asphalt. While the stones that will be used in paving are highly durable and available in an assortment of styles, homeowners often are uninformed when it comes to these stones.

What Happens If You Fail To Regularly Clean Your Stone Pavers?

Cleaning the stone pavers is one of the most important ways that you can care for these stones. When a homeowner fails to clean these stones, they may find that they become permanently stained. Furthermore, if mosses or algae are allowed to grow on the pavers, they can cause them to be more prone to cracking due to these substances making the surface of the stones more brittle. Luckily, cleaning these pavers is a fairly easy task to do as it can be completed with a pressure washer. Also, this work will not need to be done too frequently as many homeowners find that it is only needed once or twice a year.  

How Does Sealing The Pavers Protect Them?

Sealing the pavers can be another way of effectively helping to protect them. This protective layer will be able to repel water and other fluids that could be potentially damaging to the stones. When you are choosing a sealant for your pavers, you should be sure to choose one that protects against both moisture and ultraviolet light. This wavelength of light can bleach the color out of some types of stones, which could dramatically alter their appearance. For the best protection, you should apply one of these protective coatings every few years as they will be prone to breaking down or degrading as a result of the battering they must absorb from the elements.

What Do You Need To Do If The Pavers Suffer Damage?

Some of your pavers may suffer damage over the time that you own them. Often, this will be due to heavy objects striking the stones as this can lead to chips, cracks or other forms of structural damage. If you are able to catch these damages when they are still relatively recent, you may be able to patch them with a special resin that can bond to these stones. After this resin dries, it will be able to prevent water or other materials from entering these cracks can causing them to expand, but they are only effective when these damaged areas are still relatively small.

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