Four Essential Services Your Residential Landscaping Company Can Provide

Hiring a residential landscaping company offers a host of benefits, and they go beyond simply cutting your grass every week. If you are unsure about whether or not you need to hire a landscaping company, consider the following essential services a landscaper can provide.

Pest Control

From keeping predatory insects away from your trees to controlling the mosquito population on your property, a landscaping company can provide many different pest control options. These services might include using chemical treatments on your lawn or providing you with advice on how you can better keep pests away. If you have specific concerns about pests in your yard or garden, be sure to discuss them with any landscaping company you are considering hiring.

Snow And Ice Removal

Landscapers don't just work in the summer. When winter weather hits, your landscaping company can help remove snow from your sidewalks and driveway, provide salting services to remove ice, and even help remove ice from tree limbs so they don't break under the weight. You can hire your landscapers to come out whenever it snows so you can enjoy safe, clear walkways all winter long.

Power Washing

Is it time to clean your deck or give your driveway a good scrubbing? Before you consider renting a power washer to handle these cleaning tasks yourself, consider contacting your landscaping company. Landscapers can provide essential cleaning services for decks, driveways, and even your home's siding. If your home is situated near an area where there are many birds, you may want to consider regular power-washing services throughout the summer to remove droppings from your deck, sidewalks, and driveway.

Gutter Cleaning

Having properly functioning gutters and downspouts is essential for keeping your yard looking great. Improperly pitched downspouts and leaky gutters can cause puddles and pools of water to form on your lawn, which can impede the growth of grass and attract unwanted insects. Have your landscaping company provide cleaning services in the spring and fall to keep your gutters clear, and consider having the landscapers inspect the gutters during the summer to ensure there are no repairs that might be needed.

Of course, you can also arrange for your landscaping company to perform regular lawn care maintenance, including mowing, weeding and trimming throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Ask for a complete list of services before you hire a landscaping company, and select the options that are most beneficial for your home and yard.

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