Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Landscaping is an important part of caring for your home. Without proper landscaping care, it is possible for a property to become unsightly and even dangerous. While it might seem as though landscaping care is an extremely complicated and difficult topic, some simple tips can greatly reduce the complexity of this responsibility.

Be Mindful Of The Length Of Your Grass

The length that you keep your grass is a very important factor in caring for your landscaping. If the grass is too short, it can become unhealthy, which may lead to spotty coverage or the uncontrolled growth of weeds. When mowing the grass, you will want to adjust the mower so that it will leave the grass about an inch or two long. While this may require you to mow the lawn more frequently, it can be essential for preserving the health of the grass.

Use Weed Netting In Problem Areas

There are some areas of the property where weeds can be a major problem. To reduce the amount of work that you must do to remove these weeds, you can install weed netting in these areas. This netting will stop the weeds from being able to germinate, and this can drastically reduce the ability to grow.

Protect The Soil Against Erosion 

Soil erosion is another common problem for homeowners to have to handle. When soil erosion is allowed to continue unimpeded, it can make it impossible to grow plants as it will wash away the nutrient-rich layer of soil. Preventing erosion can be done by installing gutters, erosion control netting, mulch and other steps. The exact option that should be used for your property will vary based on the terrain and the severity of the erosion issues. To ensure that you are taking the most effective and least disruptive steps, you may want to have a professional landscaping service conduct soil testing.

Avoid Over Fertilizing The Soil

Many homeowners will assume that they should always add fertilizer to their soil to help their plants grow. However, it can be fairly easy to use too much fertilizer for the soil accidentally. This can have dire consequences. Too much fertilizer can make it impossible for plants to be able to grow as it can damage and kill the roots. Also, homeowners with water wells will find that it can be possible to contain the water source with excess fertilizer. Comprehensive soil testing is necessary to determine the nutrient composition of the soil so that the correct type and quantity of fertilizer can be used.

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