2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Remote Control Lawn Mower

If you live with chronic pain or disability, you may find it difficult to keep up with basic chores around your house, including mowing your lawn. Because of this, you may either be looking into buying or have already purchased a remote control lawn mower. Before you use the mower, however, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could lead to problems while taking care of your yard.

1.  Expecting the R/C Lawn Mower to Cut Through Tall Grass

The first mistake that you should avoid while using an R/C lawn mower is expecting it to cut through tall grass. If you are used to using a standard mower, you may be able to get by with not mowing the grass until it gets high. Even then, you have to go slow so that you do not bog down the blades.

However, a mower with which you use a remote control does not have the same amount of horsepower as a standard mower. You also do not have your hands on the equipment while it is running to have full control.

If you use the mower when the grass is tall, it may not be able to make it through the blades. It is better to use the mower every few days while the grass is still relatively short so that it can give you an even cut without damaging the mower.

2.  Running the Mower at Full Throttle

Another mistake you should avoid while controlling a lawn mower with a remote is running the mower at full throttle. Even if you mow the lawn every few days so that the grass does not get too high, running the mower on full blast may wear out the motor faster.

Even with standard mowers, always going at full throttle so that you can get done faster is not a good idea. This is especially true with a smaller engine such as one found in a remote-controlled model. Also, you may have problems controlling the mower at high speeds, which would result in an uneven cut, as well as uneven lines.

While you may enjoy the convenience of using a remote control to operate your lawn mower, avoiding the above mistakes can help you obtain more even results without bogging down or burning up the motor. For more information, speak with a representative with a company that offers remote control lawn mowers online

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