How To Speed Up Your Lawn Mowing Job

Mowing your lawn is a chore that you can't avoid. However, you might wonder if there is a way to mow your lawn more quickly so that you can get to your other weekend tasks more quickly. Fortunately, you can mow your lawn much more quickly with these strategies.

Make Few Turns

When mowing your lawn quickly, your goal is to make as few turns as possible. However, this might not be possible depending on the shape and size of your lawn. Therefore, you'll need to experiment with different methods until you can find one that works for you.

Mow Difficult Areas First

Start with the areas of your lawn that will be the most difficult. Focus on areas that have features. For example, if you have a flower bed, you'll want to mow near the flower bed before you mow anywhere else. Mow near walkways, statues and boulders. Make sure to remove any objects you can remove such as children's toys, sticks and leaves. Then, you won't have to move these as you are mowing your lawn.

Buy a Great Mower

Use a high-quality mower. The best mowers are easy to navigate and by being easy to turn, you'll have an easier time cutting the more difficult parts of your lawn. Also, you'll want to use a lawnmower that won't break down easily. Work in rows when mowing your lawn. 

One common mistake is to move back and forth while mowing your lawn. However, moving backward can be dangerous and is also not very efficient. The grass is not kicked behind you when you are pulling the lawnmower backward. If you work in rows, you'll reduce the number of turns that you'll need to make. If your lawn is shaped like a square, you can move in rows that are in any direction. If your lawn is a rectangle, travel longways. 

Walk Faster

If you are using a walking mower, simply walking faster can help you mow the lawn faster. The lawnmower will be able to keep up. Also, by walking faster, you'll get a better workout. However, a riding lawnmower will save you more time.

Residential landscape maintenance experts are able to mow your lawn the fastest because they have the appropriate equipment and the experience to mow lawns very quickly. You can also hire a lawn care specialist to mow your lawn when it is the most convenient.

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