Three Materials That A Hardscape Professional Can Use To Build A Backyard Labyrinth

Adding a labyrinth to your backyard can be a decision that you, your family, and your friends appreciate countless times over the years ahead. People use labyrinths to slowly walk around, which can be an enriching meditative experience. Building a labyrinth yourself might seem daunting, so it's a good idea to hire a hardscape contractor for the job. As someone who is adept at a wide range of hardscape projects, your contractor will be able to help you to evaluate the best place to situate the labyrinth and then work to build it. Before doing so, you'll need to decide which material will suit the labyrinth best. Here are three options to consider. 

Flat Natural Stones

One material that many people use for labyrinths is flat natural stones. They're available at your local landscaping supply center, so your hardscape contractor can find stones that will be a suitable size for the job. The biggest benefit of using flat stones is that they provide a natural appearance. If you want your labyrinth to have a rustic quality or to blend in with the surrounding natural elements in your yard, flat stones will likely be the best direction for you to take. Your hardscape contractor may advocate keeping a small gap between each of the stones, which he or she could fill with stone dust or ground cover plants.

Paver Stones

Another option that you can take is to use paver stones for your backyard labyrinth. This material will provide more of a modern and clean look than natural flat stones, which may be a look that you appreciate. If you have other hardscape features in your backyard — a patio or a walkway, for example — it can make sense to choose paver stones for the labyrinth that will match these existing structures. In most cases, your contractor will be able to find paver stones that are an exact match or that are very similar.


Bricks can also be a good material to consider for your backyard labyrinth. They're generally affordable, and because they come in a handful of different colors — red, gray, and brown, for example — you won't have trouble finding a look that suits you. You might lean toward bricks in your labyrinth if your home is made of bricks, as this will provide a unified look. Your hardscape contractor can discuss additional pros and cons of each material to help you decide the best way to proceed.

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