Recommendations To Help You Look For A Lawn Care Professional

Keeping your lawn well-maintained is a big part of your yard's landscaping routine. But when you don't have the time to put into keeping your landscaping looking nice all the time, you can hire a professional landscaping maintenance to handle the work for you so you can enjoy the results of the proper care. Here are some recommendations to look for when you are looking to hire a professional lawn care company.

Ask About Seasonal Treatments

Your lawn needs a variety of treatments throughout the year, which your professional lawn care service can provide to you based on the climate and the season. For example, in the summer your lawn will need a fertilizer applied to help with its blade growth with extra nitrogen, and in the fall it will need additional fertilizer added to help boost its root growth with a high level of phosphorus.

You should also be able to expect an aeration treatment in the fall to help fertilizers and oxygen get down to the roots of your lawn. So, make sure the landscaping company you choose will be able to provide this as part of their services.

Your lawn care professional should also be able to adjust their mowing schedule with the growth patterns of your lawn. In the springtime when your lawn is actively growing, your lawn should get trimmed at least once a week, especially after a growth-boosting fertilizer is applied. Ask if they can allow your lawn to be trimmed and kept at a longer length during the summer when the heat and temperatures increase and your lawn's roots will need to be shaded more.

Find Out All Services Offered

While you are shopping around for a lawn care service company, you may want to look at the various services that the landscaping company can provide for you. Although you need your lawn mowed each week and fertilized, along with other lawn care services, you may want to ask about other services you will need.

For example, if you need your trees trimmed each year and you need a bore treatment applied to your peach trees, ask your potential landscape company if they would be able to handle these tasks as well. Also, if you want to plant some new hedges on your property, your landscaping company may be able to handle this for you. It might save you time and money to have all your yard services completed by one local professional.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers lawn mowing services.

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