4 Commercial Landscaping Tips That Keep Your Property Attractive And Safe

No matter how much green space your commercial property has, it's important to have it professionally landscaped and maintained. Well-groomed lawns and plants give your building a more professional look and enhance the safety of your clients and employees. Here are four commercial landscaping tips to consider.

1. Keep The Edges Defined

Well-defined edging is one aspect of landscaping that gives your property a professional touch. Curbs, sidewalks, and entryways look neater and are safer when there is a clear separation between hardscape elements and grass or plant beds.

Plus, when walking areas are well defined, there is less chance of tripping. You may need more frequent landscaping services in the autumn when leaves fall so walkways are kept clear of debris.

2. Focus On The Main Entrance

You may not want the expense and maintenance necessary to plant flowers, shrubs, and plants all over your property, so focus on the main entrance. Hire a landscape designer to create a plan for all seasons of the year that makes the entrance to your building attractive.

The plants chosen should match your building's architecture and purpose. The plants should also make the entry area visually enticing so your clients have a favorable impression of your services before entering your building.

3. Keep The Grass Trimmed And Healthy

Sign up for regular lawn care through a commercial landscaping service so your grass is maintained on schedule. This includes cutting the grass frequently so it never has a chance to get long and shaggy. The landscaping company may also apply fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides during the appropriate times of the year so your grass grows lush and healthy.

4. Trim Trees And Bushes

Carefully consider the placement of any new trees and bushes so they don't grow too close to walkways or parking areas. If your property already has mature trees and bushes, then make sure they are trimmed so they don't grow over walkways. Tree branches could scrape someone in the face or bushes might obstruct the sidewalk and make it difficult for a wheelchair to move through.

Unruly trees and plants can also obstruct vision in the parking lot or driveway and be a safety hazard. A landscaping company can trim back the trees, bushes, and other plants that need it during the proper time of the year so the growth never gets close to pedestrians and never obstructs the view of drivers.

Maintaining commercial landscaping can be a lot of work, especially when it's so important to keep your grounds tidy and well-groomed. A commercial landscaping professional can design the perfect placement of landscaping features and plants and then make sure they are maintained through all seasons of the year.

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