Landscape Maintenance Contract 101

Having your property's landscape professionally developed can give you a sense of pride in your property. For homeowners who are pursuing a landscaping plan for the first time, the biggest challenge afterward will be in maintaining that landscape. If you don't have the time or the ability to keep up with the maintenance, you should ask your landscaper about a maintenance contract. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to think about when you negotiate a landscape maintenance contract.

Will They Test The Soil Periodically?

Testing the soil is usually a standard part of the initial landscape design. However, the nutrients in the soil can change throughout the year, and as a result of what your landscape draws out of the soil. Ask your landscape contractor about incorporating soil testing into routine maintenance to help identify mineral and nutrient issues that could hinder the growth of the grass and plants in your yard. This way, your landscape can be treated routinely to maintain the best possible condition of the soil for your plants to thrive.

Will You Need An Irrigation System?

Even the best landscape maintenance contract won't usually include daily watering needs. Find out if your landscape contractor will help you incorporate an irrigation system to handle this watering, or if you should instead opt for low-water plants and hardscapes. The more you understand about different watering requirements and the best practices, the easier it is to decide which design is right for you.

Will They Proactively Address Pests And Disease?

Another important component of a landscape maintenance plan is a solid plan to address pest infestations and disease in your landscape. If you are looking for an ongoing maintenance program for your landscape, ask the contractor about the measures that they will incorporate to help keep your plants free of pests, plant disease, and other serious issues.

Will You Get More Frequent Visits During Establishment?

The initial period after your landscaping project is the establishment period. This is the period of time in which your new plants are rooting and trying to fully establish themselves to grow. During this time, these plants may need more frequent attention, including fertilizer and other treatments. Ask your landscape maintenance contractor if they will provide you with more frequent visits during this establishment period to give your landscape its best possible chance to thrive.

These are some of the most important things to consider when you are establishing a landscape maintenance contract. Talk with your landscaper today for more ideas and information.

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