Insight To Help Keep Your Yard Landscaping Attractive And Kept Up

The condition of your yard and its landscaping makes a great effect on your entire home's appearance and can improve or decrease the value of your property. Maintaining your yard requires regular tasks around your yard to keep it trimmed, healthy, and growing well so that it looks nice and lush. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your yard landscaping and vegetation.

Handle Weed Growth

Weeds can pop up all around your yard and its vegetation, even sprouting up through the cracks in pavement and around edging borders. From the early thaw of spring, weeds begin to sprout and grow through any possible area in your yard, so you need to keep up on the weed growth before it gets out of hand. Once your weeds get bigger in size, they are more difficult to pull fully with their roots intact, and they can have an overwhelming appearance throughout your yard. 

Use a stirrup hoe to scrape up the small sprouts of weed growth over your landscaped areas, and spray weeds with an herbicide when they are in areas that are difficult to reach. When your lawn begins to show signs of weed growth, it is important that you remove them before they take over. Weeds can grow aggressively in your lawn and crowd out lawn growth, leaving barren spots when you finally get all the weeds out. Spot treat your lawn for weeds using a selective herbicide or a weed-and-feed lawn treatment. This specific treatment effectively removes weeds and also strengthens your lawn's growth.

Keep Landscape Watered

Once you have a handle on your yard's weed growth, you can focus on watering your lawn and other vegetation without worrying about weeds stealing the moisture from them. Keep your lawn healthy and protected from the sun by watering it less frequently and more deeply each time. Avoid watering your lawn too frequently because this can promote your lawn to grow shallow roots, putting it at risk of sun scorch, dehydration, and heat stress. Longer watering less frequently promotes deeper roots down into the soil so that your lawn will be more drought resistant. 

A drought resistant lawn is a helpful feature when you live in a desert climate, and it will help keep your lawn alive even during times of drought stress. When your lawn forms dry patches, don't water the entire lawn, but only water the areas that are dry or showing signs of heat stress.

For more tips for keeping your yard looking good, talk to a landscape maintenance company in your area.

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