4 Smart Reasons To Switch To A Fireplace Insert

If you have a fireplace in your home that you are not happy with that requires excessive repairs, you can install a fireplace insult instead of rebuilding the fireplace. There are benefits that come with installing a fireplace insert instead of fixing up your old fireplace.

Reason #1: Cost-Effective

Rebuilding a fireplace and chimney is an expensive endeavor. The cost of supplies, masonry work, and potential structural work that will need to be done to your home can easily reach thousands of dollars. Additionally, you will need to deal with the disruptions to your daily life that will be caused by the project, which more than likely will take more than a day.

With a fireplace insert, all you have to pay for is the insert itself and the labor to install it. It can be installed in a couple of hours. The cost of putting in a fireplace insert is far less than rebuilding it.

Reason #2: Increased Efficiency

Second, installing a fireplace insert can help increase the heating efficiency of your home. An old-school fireplace has a very low-efficiency rating, whereas a fireplace insert has a much higher efficiency rating.

With a traditional fireplace, air from the room is pulled into the structure; this results in a fire that burns faster and wastes energy. With an insert, the structure is closed, doored, and insulated, so air can't get in and accelerate the burning process. The fire burns at a slower rate, and more heat is generated and pumped back into the room.

Reason #3: Reduce Emissions

Third, you can reduce the emissions that you create with an insert to keep your home warm. Burning wood is actually a carbon-neutral activity, so by having an efficient wood-burning fireplace insert, you will be able to create heat in your home in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner all at the same time.

Reason #4: Stylish

Fourth, if you want to change the appearance of the room where your fireplace is located, adding an insert is an easy way to upgrade the appearance of your space. You can choose from a wide range of different styles and aesthetics for your new insert. This will allow you to change up your fireplace area in your home and allow it to blend in with the rest of your décor at an affordable price.

If you don't have the money to invest in rebuilding your fireplace, getting an insert is a great alternative. An insert is affordable, provides efficient and safe heat, and will upgrade the room's style. For more info, contact a local retailer.

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