Landscaping Ideas For Around A Gazebo

If you've recently added a gazebo to your backyard, you've likely enjoyed some relaxing time in this structure and feel excited to use it more in the months and years ahead. If your gazebo sits on its own in your yard, you may be eager to improve the look of the space around it. Doing so can offer privacy and generally improve the look of the gazebo and the yard as a whole. Reach out to a local landscaping company to discuss your goals and arrange an in-person visit for a quote. Here are some landscaping ideas that you may want for your gazebo.


If you currently walk across your lawn to get to your gazebo, you might like the idea of following a path instead. Landscaping companies can build all sorts of paths, so there are several different options to think about. If you favor a modern look, an interlock path that connects to your patio can be an appealing design. For a yard that has more of a rustic feel, a path made of flat stones can provide the right look. You'll even get to decide what shape you want the path to be. A modern-looking path can run straight, while a rustic path can curve gently as it approaches the gazebo.


Another option that can boost the look of your gazebo is to have some shrubs around its perimeter. You may feel that the gazebo doesn't currently give you as much privacy as you want. If this is the case, shrubs that cover the lower half of the gazebo may give you a better feeling when you relax inside of this structure. Your landscaping company will be able to suggest a few shrub varieties that will suit your needs based on where you live. You'll likely want something that provides thick coverage, and you may also favor a flowering shrub to add some color to the area.


Landscaping companies commonly offer outdoor lighting solutions to their clients, so this may be an idea that you wish to discuss. Lights in and around your gazebo will likely increase the amount of time that you get to use it. If you're going with a path from the house to the gazebo, you may favor lighting along the path. Your landscaper could also install lights around the perimeter of the gazebo that will brighten this space but not make it too bright at night. You may favor lights that you can program to come on at a certain time each evening to give your gazebo an appealing glow.

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