Three Benefits Of Converting Your Small Yard To A Patio

If you have a home that has an extremely small backyard, you might struggle with how you want this space to look. Coming up with a plan that maximizes the available space can often be a challenge on your own, so it's useful to hire a residential landscaper who has experience with small yards. They'll be able to visit you, look at your backyard, and offer some suggestions about what might work in this tight space. One option is for the landscaper to build a patio that covers the entire yard. Lots of homeowners favor this idea, given that it provides these three benefits.

Less Maintenance

A big reason to turn your entire small backyard into a patio space is that you'll have less regular maintenance to do. Without a lawn, you won't have to spend time cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and performing other similar tasks. If you're the type of person who doesn't have a lot of spare time and finds that it can be easy to fall behind on your yard work, converting your backyard space into a patio can reduce the stress that often comes with worrying about making time for yard maintenance.

More Space For Entertaining

In a small backyard, it's often common to have a small area of grass and a small patio space. The problem with this layout is that your patio will often be too tiny to entertain people. If you like the idea of having outdoor gatherings at your home but you know that your current backyard situation isn't spacious enough for more than a few people, moving forward with a patio that covers the entire yard can be desirable. Even in a small yard, the patio should have space for several pieces of patio furniture, a barbecue, and more.

Fewer Messes

Converting your entire backyard into a patio can also result in fewer messes in your home. When you have a patch of grass in your backyard, all sorts of messes can occur. For example, if the ground under the grass gets muddy after a period of rain, your kids can track mud into the house after they play in the yard. If you have a dog, it can bring grass clippings into the house after you've cut the grass. These types of messes can be time-consuming and frustrating to clean up, but won't be a factor when your entire backyard is a patio space.

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