Five Year Round Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Trees

With proper maintenance, your landscape trees look good and they remain healthy. Trees require year-round maintenance, so knowing the key tasks can help you plan accordingly. 

1. Annual Pruning

Pruning for most tree varieties is best done in late winter when the trees are still dormant. A mature tree may only need the removal of dead or weak wood, while a young tree may require more in-depth pruning to help shape it into a good form. Some trees may also require periodic trimming at different times of year to maintain their shape or health, so your tree service will develop an annual schedule.

2. Mulch Application

Mulch around the base of a tree is one of the best things you can do to ensure their health. The mulch creates a buffer zone so mowers and similar machines that cause damage don't have to operate near the trunk. It also prevents other plants from growing, which looks nice and is good for the tree. Another thing mulch does is prevent moisture loss from the ground. Your service will usually apply mulch annually, in spring or fall.

3. Fertilizer Amendments

It's a common belief that trees get plenty of fertilizer by leaching it out of the soil when the lawn is fertilized. Unfortunately, this is not always true and nutrient deficiencies can be common in landscape trees. Your service will test the soil around the tree to determine the nutrient content. This way they can schedule fertilizer application type and timing to meet the needs of your tree.

4. Support Installation

An often overlooked aspect of tree care is providing support for young trees. Trees less than a couple of years old may need to be staked to ensure they grow straight and don't blow over. Mature trees also sometimes need supports, whether it's to splint a split trunk to help compensate for a leaning trunk. Professional installation and maintenance of the supports can ensure they don't injure the tree.

5. Winter Protection

Young trees and mature tree varieties with thin bark often need some winter protection, otherwise, the bark may split in response to the freezing weather. Wrapping the trees protects them. Trees may also need to be wrapped in winter to protect them from foraging animals or winter winds. Once spring arrives, the wraps must be removed promptly so they don't restrict the growing trunk. 

Contact tree maintenance services if you would like more help caring for the trees in your yard. 

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