5 Lawn Care Tips To Prevent Pests

Pests in the yard may not be fully preventable, but you can do a lot to dissuade them. Good lawn care is one of the key ways to manage pests and maintain a healthy lawn. 

1. Weed Prevention

Weeds often bring pests and disease organisms, especially if they are allowed to grow tall and out of control. Weeds may attract feeding insects or provide shelter to rodents and other small animals. Weeds should be pulled regularly or destroyed with the appropriate types of weed killers for the season and weed type. Your lawn service will also keep weedy grasses trimmed down along fence lines and in vacant areas of the landscape.

2. Treatment Applications

Some lawn pests will require treatment to prevent. Grubs are one of the better known and more widespread examples of the types of pests that respond well to seasonal treatment applications. Pest treatment must be applied at the right time, usually when the pests are actively feeding so that they will actually consume the treatment and be eliminated. Your lawn service will know the most common treatments necessary for the pest pressures in your area. 

3. Debris Removal

Whether it's a pile of fallen leaves, a tangle of brambles, or fallen branches and twigs, debris in the lawn is a prime way to attract nesting animals and feasting insects into the lawn. If fruit debris falls from your trees, you may even end up with visits from larger animals that may then tear up the landscaping. Regular lawn cleanups remove this debris, particularly in the fall and after a storm, and prevent pests. 

4. Frequent Mowing

Long grass doesn't just pose the same issues as overgrown weeds, overgrown grass can also retain a lot of moisture in its leaves that can attract pests like mosquitoes. Keeping the lawn clipped reduces the excess moisture and removes the cover that the pests prefer. Necessary mowing frequency can vary depending on the season and type of grass, but generally, once weekly is sufficient to prevent pests. 

5. Mulch Management

Mulch is an excellent way to reduce weeds and improve drainage in areas where mosquito- and pest-attracting water can puddle. It also can attract pests like rodents if it is applied incorrectly. Rodents, for example, may move from your yard and into your home if they are nesting in mulch that is pushed right against the foundation or if it is applied too thickly. 

Contact a lawn care service for more information on how good yard maintenance can result in better pest prevention. 

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