Insight for a Healthy Lawn with Maintenance and Watering Success

The maintenance required to keep your lawn at its best consists of watering, weeding, and regular edging to make it really stand out. Because this takes more than just pushing a mower and turning on sprinklers, you can use some lawn care tips for a better outcome. The following provides you with some recommendations to keep your yard looking its best with the right lawn maintenance practices.

Use Proper Mowing Techniques

When your lawn starts growing in the spring, it will do so when the soil warms up. This provides you the best time to start mowing your lawn; when the tips of the lawn can be cut at your mower's highest setting. Adjust your mower to the highest blade setting if you have not done so already, as it will keep your lawn looking and growing more healthy. A longer lawn gives your yard a softer feel and keeps the lawn plants cooler. As a result, the soil and roots of the lawn remain cooler and it also retains moisture within the soil, and you won't have to water your lawn as frequently. 

On the reverse, if you were to cut your lawn at a lower mower setting, there will be fewer lawn blades to shade the undergrowth, and the roots and soil dry out easier during the heat of summer. As a result, the lawn can die from heat stress. 

Make sure you mow your lawn regularly to keep the growth maintained and the length managed. By mowing once a week, you will only have a minimal amount of growth to remove from your lawn. If you let your lawn grow longer, you will need to mow off a longer length of grass, which can result in stress to your lawn and poor health.

Water for Great Results

Watering your lawn in addition to mowing should be applied with consistency and accurate application. Overwatering will cause your lawn to form puddles, resulting in yellow and brown spots. Then, your lawn's roots won't need to grow more deeply and your lawn plants will be poorer in health. 

Make sure you water your lawn on a regular schedule with several days between waterings and your sprinklers set to come on in the early morning hours. Water for a longer period of time and less often ā€” this will promote your lawn to grow its roots more deeply to reach deeper water, and you will have a more drought-resistant lawn.

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