5 Reasons To Call A Drainage Contractor

Good drainage in the landscape is important for your health, safety, and the appearance of your home. You may need additional drainage if you have any of the following problems.

1. Foundation Damage

One of the big concerns with poor landscape drainage is eventual damage to the foundation. Water can collect in the soil and put pressure on foundation walls, causing cracks and leaks to form. In some cases, water works itself underneath the foundation and causes the entire foundation to shift. Shifting can cause major structural damage and even render the swelling unsafe.

2. Sink Holes

Chances are a large sinkhole isn't going to swallow your home or car whole, but small sinkholes are much more common. These can open up in the yard, creating an unsightly mess. They can also open up beneath paving such as on the driveway or patio, leading to an uneven concrete slab. Even small sinkholes can be expensive to fill in and stabilize.

3. Plant Problems

The lawn grass, trees, shrubs, and flower beds are what make your home attractive and welcoming. Too much water in the soil drowns out and suffocates plant roots, leading to decline and eventual death. Not only is this ugly, but it can also be dangerous as rotting roots can lead to tree blowdowns and house damage. Good yard drainage systems route the extra water to a storm drain or retention pond so your plants won't suffer.

4. Erosion Issues

Erosion from poor drainage can carve out gullies across your yard, wear away at the edges of paving, or cause potholes to open up on paving. It washes out mulch and topsoil, ruining flower beds and planting areas. Installing French drains and other solutions is one key way to combat excess water flow and avoid the issues caused by erosion.

5. Standing Water

Even intermittent drainage issues can be a real pain. If you have a lot of standing water on your property after heavy rain or snowmelt, then you may need a drainage solution. For example, a lot of standing water at the base of a driveway can make it difficult to access your own home, or wet and marshy areas in the yard may result in a muddy mess. Standing water also invites pests to your property, most notably the annoying and disease-carrying mosquito. 

Contact a drainage service such as Morlock Landscape & Design if you have concerns about any of these problems.

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