5 Reasons To Use Pea Gravel As A Landscaping Rock

If you want to use decorative rocks to landscape parts of your yard, then pea gravel is worth adding to your shopping list. These attractive stones look good in any yard and have a range of benefits over other rocks. When is pea gravel a good landscaping solution?

1. You Have a Small Yard

If you're landscaping a small yard, then some decorative rocks won't look so good. For example, large stones and rocks might look too big for your space. They might make your yard look smaller.

As its name suggests, pea gravel is small and round. It fills both small and large spaces efficiently; however, it won't look overpowering in a small yard. In fact, this gravel often gives the illusion of more space. You can fit more stones in each part of your project.

2. You're a First-Time Landscaper

If you've never used decorative rocks before, then you'll find this part of your landscaping job easier if you use products like pea gravel. These stones are really easy and fast to put down—you don't need any skills or expertise.

All you need to do is to pour the gravel to the depth you want in the places you want. To get a smooth and professional finish, you then rake the stones.

3. You Have a Budget

Larger decorative stones typically cost more than smaller ones. If you need to save money, then smaller rocks like pea gravel are a good option. You can buy stones in bulk without going over your budget.

4. You Want Softer Surfaces

If you're using rocks to landscape paths and areas around pavers, then you should think about how they will feel when you walk on them. Some gravels feel sharp if you walk on them without shoes; large rocks are often uncomfortable to walk on.

Pea gravel compacts down well so you don't notice its stones as much. Plus, this gravel is naturally rounded. It feels soft and comfortable.

This can make a real difference in how much you enjoy your yard, especially if you have kids or pets who like spending time outdoors. They can run around without hurting or cutting their feet or paws.

5. You Want Weed Control

While decorative rocks can prevent weeds from growing in your yard, you need to choose your rocks with care. For example, large rocks leave gaps through which weeds can grow. You'll find it hard to pack them tightly enough to get complete coverage.

Pea gravel is a good anti-weed solution. As long as you pour a deep enough layer, its dense and compacted surface will stop weeds from growing through it.

To get started on your landscaping project, contact a local decorative landscape rock supplier.

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