The Basic Steps For Keeping Your Property's Trees Healthy

Failing to provide the various types of care and maintenance that the trees on your property will need can be a common mistake that could lead to devastating problems for these plants and the rest of your property. For any homeowner that has large trees on their property, making sure to adhere to a few basic types of care work can be integral for keeping these massive plants healthy and growing for decades.

Preventing Soil Erosion Near The Base Of The Tree

When individuals are thinking of meeting the various care needs that their trees will have, they may focus much of their attention on the plant itself. However, the soil where the tree is growing is another potential source of problems. More specifically, there can be a risk of the soil along the base of the tree starting to erode away. Once this occurs, the roots may struggle to provide the tree with enough moisture and nutrients while also creating severe stability problems. If you are noticing that there is substantial erosion occurring near the base of the tree, you may want to install erosion control upgrades to help reinforce and stabilize the soil.

Damage Assessments For Storm Damage And Disease

Following major storms, it can be worth the time to have the tree inspected for significant damage. It can often be the case that the wind generated by these events may cause significant damage to the branches or even the trunk of these plants. In cases where a branch has been severely damaged, it will eventually weaken and fall off the tree, which can pose a major safety threat. Having the tree inspected can allow for these damages to be determined so that any impacted branches can be removed before this will have the potential to become a significant threat.

Pruning The Tree To Ensure Optimal Growth

Individuals will typically want their trees to have full and healthy canopies. To this end, pruning the trees can be one solution that will help to encourage the plant to grow a thick canopy. This may seem counterintuitive as pruning will involve cutting the branches. However, this technique can be done so that the tree will tend to grow back fuller than it was before the pruning was done. This is accomplished by trimming the branches in a way that will not damage growth nodes. As a result, individuals that periodically have their trees pruned will often find that these plants can have a much fuller and healthier canopy as a result.

For more information on tree care, contact a professional near you.

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