How A Residential Landscape Contractor Can Make Your Yard A Beautiful Complement To Your Home

If you're determined to have a beautiful lawn, but don't have a green thumb, call a residential landscape contractor for help. Consider calling well before summer in case your yard needs winter or early spring treatments to help your grass grow in stronger and thicker. A residential landscape contractor can help you transform your yard into a beautiful complement to your home. Here's how. 

Promote Healthy Grass

Growing lush grass isn't always easy. It takes more than regular mowing, although that's important too. Your grass may need fertilizer, weed killer, water, seeding, and regular trimming to become strong and lush. A landscaper knows the appropriate times to apply treatments for the best results. They can also install an irrigation or sprinkler system so your grass has enough water to thrive.

Keep Trees Healthy And Attractive

If your yard doesn't have any trees, you may want the residential landscape contractor to select a few trees and plant them in appropriate places. Trees add beauty as well as value to your property, but only if they're healthy and trimmed regularly. If you have mature trees in your yard, a landscaper can trim them to be more attractive and to be safer.

Trees that grow wild can harm your roof or be a nuisance, and trimming back the branches not only makes the trees more attractive and less bothersome, but it also keeps the trees healthier.

Choose And Install Plants

A beautiful lawn is often all you need for your property to have great curb appeal. However, adding the right plants in the right places can enhance a plain expanse of green grass. Plants add different living textures, colors, and heights to your yard.

The landscaper can choose plants that need little care that last all year or just last through the summer. They can install the plants so all you have to do is ensure they get enough water during the growing season.

Put In Hardscapes

Walkways can make your property more attractive too. Plus, they keep people from walking on your grass or through your plant beds and making ruts. A landscaper can build walkways from concrete or rocks that are both useful and attractive. They might build a plant bed with rocks or edging around the foundation of your home.

They could also create a sitting area in a butterfly garden or create a focal point with a fountain. Just let the landscaper know what you enjoy so they can help you create a yard that's beautiful and easy to care for so the plants and grass stay healthy.

Contact a local residential landscape service to learn more. 

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