How To Make Your Artificial Turf Look Real

Artificial grass can look just as beautiful as the real thing. Your neighbors don't have to know that your grass is made out of plastic and other artificial materials. But while you don't have to mow or fertilize your artificial grass, there are other things that must be done to make your grass look beautiful.

Your Grass Should Be Uneven 

To have beautiful artificial grass, you must select the right type of grass. The grass shouldn't have a consistent blade length because this will make the artificial turf look less realistic. When grass blades are more uniform, your artificial turf looks more like a carpet.

Grass Shouldn't Look Too Shiny

The best artificial grass doesn't look fake because it doesn't shine too much. Real-life grass shines in a particular way and only under certain conditions. 

Imitate Your Neighbor's Lawn

Your artificial grass will stand out if it doesn't look like the other lawns in the area. Fortunately, artificial turf comes in a surprisingly large variety of colors. Try to find a color that is close to that of the grass found around your neighborhood to make sure that your grass doesn't stand out.

Buy Durable Artificial Grass

When you install artificial grass, it might look amazing at first. But if the grass is not made out of durable materials, it might wear out and will start to look inauthentic as a result. Fortunately, newer artificial grass technologies make the grass more resistant to UV rays and your grass is less likely to fade. Coating technologies can also keep artificial grass stabilized under extreme heat so your grass will not wear out over an extended period in the hot sun.

Clean Your Grass

Artificial grass requires maintenance to look its very best. Unlike real grass, which requires mowing and fertilization, artificial grass requires that you clean it regularly. If the grass looks dirty, it will not look as real and also won't look its very best.

You can use a brush to clean your artificial turf. However, the most efficient way to clean it is with a power brush. This uses a motor to efficiently clean the turf. Clean away debris and you'll also prevent mold from growing.

Don't Let Weeds Take Over

Even artificial turf can develop a problem with weeds. They can poke their way through the turf. Pulling out the weeds is not recommended because you might damage the turf. But you can use a more aggressive weed killer because you don't have to worry about damaging your artificial turf.

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