5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Property's Landscaping

The landscaping around your business is a direct reflection of your company, as a company that cares about its environs will likely show the same care towards its products and customers. Neat and attractive landscaping also puts forth a good first impression to new customers. A few simple landscaping tasks can have a big impact on your property's curb appeal.

1. Border Installation

Bordering walkways and entrances with low shrubs or flowering plants is a common landscaping technique for businesses. Not only does it look nice and welcoming, but it helps draw the eye of passersby toward the entrance to your building. Your landscapers can easily install these border beds, complete with raised concrete or plastic edging that will create a neat line between the beds and the surrounding lawn.

2. Lawn Edging

The edges of the lawn will eventually encroach over sidewalks and curbs in a way that tends to be less than attractive. Weeds will also commonly invade these overgrown edges, making the space even uglier. Edging removes the strip of grass that's against the paving, creating a crisp edge to the lawn that is neater and much more attractive. Edging needs to be done every month or two throughout the growing season.

3. Mulch Application

Bare soil around a commercial property becomes a magnet for weeds and garbage. It's not always possible to cover every inch of soil with attractive plants, but it is possible to cover the soil with wood chip mulch. Not only does the mulch give bare soil an attractive and finished look, but it also prevents weeds from invading the area if the mulch is put down thickly enough. A good mulch layer around trees or flowers will also reduce irrigation needs, as mulch helps prevent moisture from evaporating out of the ground. 

4. Annual Flowers

Spots of bright color are eye-catching, which can make a boring building exterior much more interesting and attractive to your customers. The simplest way to get these pops of color is with annual flowers. Many landscaping services offer planting services, where they will put in annuals in your beds and planters. The service will switch out the annuals seasonally so you can have color from spring through fall.

5. Shrub Pruning

Overgrown shrubs are both unattractive and a security risk, as they can provide a hiding spot for thieves and vandals. Shrubs should be pruned to an attractive shape in late winter, and then that shape should be maintained throughout the growing season. Regular pruning also reduces the chances of a broken limb falling down and injuring someone.

Contact a commercial landscaper if you are ready for more polished commercial landscaping on your property.

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